Infonetics Surveys Mobile Operators about LTE

Infonetics Research conducted another survey recently, and released the subsequent results in a study titled “LTE Deployment Strategies: Global Service Provider Survey.” In the survey, Infonetics interviewed 19 mobile operators about their LTE network buildout plans, deployment migration scenarios, challenges, and commercial drivers. Among the survey’s highlights: 

  • 11% of respondents are deploying LTE as a greenfield network, suggesting that they are using it for purposes other than true mobile broadband upgrades.
  • 47% of respondents say they do not plan to offer voice services in the next three years after launching.
  • Half of the survey respondents believe it is very important to start construction of their LTE network with macrocells first, followed by a mix of small cells.

As Infonetics notes, the firm anticipated back in 2008 that HSPA+ would be the default bridge to LTE, and they forecast that LTE will perform the same function for the transition to 4G (LTE-Adavanced).


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