The August Edition of CrossTalk Now Available

The August 2011 edition of CrossTalk is right here, right now, containing plenty of news, free market research, for pay market research, and a listing of upcoming events. Stay up to date with all things telco and broadband by getting your August 2011 CrossTalk today.

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Can Gaming Consoles Crash The Online Video Viewing Party?

The audience for online video continues to expand dramatically. According to eMarketer, more than 158 million people will view online video this year. Most of these users will use computers to view online video, although mobile phones, Internet TVs, and wireless tablets are rising in popularity. Another category gaining favor among video viewers are Internet-enabled devices connected to the TV, which include products like AppleTV and Web-ready Blu-ray players. However, the most popular devices connected to the TV are gaming consoles. And with these devices capable of streaming services like Netflix, they can be leveraged for media consumption purposes. While it remains to be seen whether gaming consoles can gain broad acceptance as online video viewers, their established presence in the home marks this segment as one to watch.

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