Families Jumping on Wireless Home Network Bandwagon

 Opinion Research, in a survey conducted for Cisco’s home networking business unit, found that American families are using their wireless home networks more than ever. The survey revealed that most families use multiple devices (smartphones, computers, etc.) simultaneously when connecting to their network. The majority of home wireless network use continued to be reserved for checking e-mail and web surfing. However, downloading videos and music is becoming more popular, as is connecting game consoles and wireless printers to the network. Additionally, a large percentage of both parents and children use their home wireless network every day, and with emerging technologies such as Internet-connected TVs and tablets becoming more and more prevalent, the use of wireless home networks can only grow. Finally, speed and ease of use were found to be families’ top purchase considerations when shopping for home network wireless solutions.

 For additional coverage, see http://www.marketwire.com/press-release/new-consumer-survey-finds-families-are-connecting-more-devices-increasingly-accessing-nasdaq-csco-1551414.htm