IPTV Ecosystem Changes as Services Evolve

Infonetics Research’s newest survey uncovers the adjustments IPTV services are undergoing in the pay-TV market. Moving beyond basic video delivery and the simple matching of competitors’ services, IPTV operators are now trying to differentiate themselves by offering customers personalized, integrated, and portable on-demand viewing options. These options include multi-screen viewing, interactive apps, and access to social networks. Among the highlights of the survey:

  • Half of the surveyed IP television operators plan to distribute interactive advertising by 2012
  • The most widely-deployed applications currently are weather and traffic widgets, and on-screen television caller ID
  • Almost 2/3 of operators plan to offer multi-screen viewing across tablets, smartphones, computers, and televisions by next year

For additional info, see http://www.infonetics.com/pr/2011/Carrier-IPTV-Deployment-Strategies-Survey-Highlights.asp