Network Products Guide Hands Actiontec Two Awards

Network Products Guide, the industry’s leading technology research and advisory guide, has named CrossTalk and the 4GRN-DLV 4G LTE Router winners of the 6th Annual 2011 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards. CrossTalk took home the honor for “Product Management/Marketing Initiative or Program of the Year”, while the 4G LTE router won in the “Solutions for Telecommunications” category.

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ACSI Releases Subscription Television, Wireless Telephone Satisfaction Numbers

The American Customer Satisfaction Index has released its satisfaction scores for May 2011. The ACSI scores represent the percentage of Americans satisfied with a particular good, service, or industry. This version covers computer software, fixed-line telephone service, motion pictures, network/cable TV news, newspapers, subscription television service, wireless telephone service, and cellular telephones. Among the interesting numbers: Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Charter Communications score about 10% worse than subscription television services like DirecTV, AT&T’s U-Verse, and DishNetwork. Among the wireless telephone services, Verizon and Sprint come out on top, with AT&T bringing up the rear.

WiFi Lightbulbs to debut in 2012

If your idea of a perfect world includes having every lightbulb in your house come with its own IP and MAC address, you’re about to get really happy. NXP, a semiconductor company based in the Netherlands, has invented Greenchip technology, which has found its way into Wi-Fi connected lightbulbs scheduled to go on sale in 2012. Among the abilities touted by the designers of these new pieces of tech: automatic on and off switching based on movement-sensing automation; random cycling of lights to make it appear as if someone is home in an otherwise empty house; mood “lighting” states, operated by remote control or an app-driven smartphone, which let you channel your inner lighting designer; and, more mundane but just as important, power saving scheduling. The smart home just keeps getting smarter and smarter.

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May 2011 CrossTalk Available

The May 2011 edition of CrossTalk has hit the newsstands, the email inboxes, and the Web, and it’s another info-filled publication, with the usual mix of news, free market research, for pay market research, and a listing of upcoming events, all for anybody interested in the goings on unfolding within the telecommunications and broadband industries. Get yours today, and stay connected!

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Actiontec Wins Two 2011 NGN Leadership Awards from NGN Magazine

Actiontec Electronics announced that both its 4G LTE Integrated Router and V2000H Bonded VDSL2 Router were honored with the 2011 NGN Leadership award presented by NGN Magazine.

Mature Market Cable Share Lost to Telco and Internet TV

ABI Research’s latest study, “Pay-TV Subscriber Market Data,” has been released and contains some interesting data regarding the ongoing battle between cable and telco/Internet TV. According to the report, 11.3 million pay-TV subscribers were added to the rolls at the end of Q1 2011, and the total number of such subscriptions is expected to near 760 million by the end of the year. And while cable TV continues to hold the largest market share of subscribers, its share has dropped from 72% in 2009 to 69% in 2010, with even greater declines seen in Western Europe and North America. Much of this loss can be traced to the increased choice consumers have in spending their home entertainment dollars.

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Fon Growth Robust, Passes Four Million Hotspot Mark Worldwide

Fon, manufacturer of Fonera WiFi routers, which broadcast dual signals (one encrypted, one public but reserved for registered Fon users), recently announced that it has sold more that 4 million hotspots worldwide. This is an increase of more than 30%, and up from 3 million hotspots, since the beginning of 2011. “Four million hotspots is an amazing figure and proof that the Fon model works,” said Fon CEO and founder Martin Varsavsky. “Together with the spike we are seeing–one million new hotspots this year alone–the Fon network is achieving the footprint and rapid growth we have dreamed of.” The firm also builds the dual-signal technology directly into its Telco partners’ equipment.

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No. 1 Bandwidth User: Netflix

A couple of firsts occurred recently, both having to do with Netflix. First, the streaming and DVD-rent-and-mail company became the largest single consumer of Internet tubage in the world, its user accounts slurping up almost 25% of all domestic broadband traffic. Second, for perhaps the first time, paid content has surpassed free content in terms of web usage. What this portends for the future of entertainment, the Internet, and all of the pieces in between is anybody’s guess, but it sure looks like ISPs will have as big a say in it as anybody else. For a more in-depth look at this phenomenon, see our recent white paper, “The Rise of Netflix and Its Impact on Broadband.”

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Actiontec Blog Debut

Hello, and welcome to the introductory post of Actiontec’s official blog. As a leading provider of broadband routers and modems, we’d like to use this blog as a way to highlight ongoing stories that we feel are significant to fellow telecommunications industry members, as well as other interested individuals. We’d also like to keep you abreast of developments here at Actiontec, including new products, new technologies, and new partnerships we develop. We hope you visit often and find this blog useful and informative.