Netflix Fills Up the Internet Pipe

In a newly released study, Sandvine found that 32% of all Internet traffic at peak hours is Netflix-related, with peak downstream traffic reaching 60%, a full 10% increase since spring of this year. Sandvine, an “intelligent network manufacturer,” also found that mean usage on fixed networks is down while video usage is up, and that the much-heralded “Post-PC Era” may be upon us, with the majority of devices connecting to the Internet being non-PCs (smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, etc.). Other interesting findings:

  • Mobile video’s popularity continues to rise, garnering nearly 33% of peak downstream traffic.
  • Marketplace traffic accounts from 9.4% of peak downstream traffic, led by Apple and Google.
  • The overall traffic gap between “light” and “heavy” Internet users is widening, with more data being used during the small peak period window.

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