Apple and the Cable Industry: Three Opinions

The website “The Week” recently looked at three opinions concerning Apple and its ambitions in the cable television industry. Rumors abound that the Cupertino company may create a subscription TV service in the near future, or manufacture its own high-definition TVs, or both. Mike Elgan of Computerworld opines that Apple could crush the cable industry (just like it killed the music CD industry) by providing a great user experience and cutting deals to offer more affordable subscriptions. Meanwhile, Jacqui Cheng at ARS Technica feels that Apple will have trouble beating big cable, as the industry will likely pressure networks to reject deals with Apple, particularly NBC, which is owned by cable giant Comcast. Finally, Sam Biddle at Gizmodo feels that while it’ll be hard for Apple to take the  cable industry down completely, they could provide the needed impetus to effect serious reform, which, in the end, would be just as beneficial for the consumer.

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