Tablets Moving Quickly Into Mainstream

In-Stat has released its latest study, “The Reality and Ramifications of Tablets.” In it, the firm forecasts significant tablet growth opportunities as a result of recent price cuts, as well as new companies entering the market, such as Samsung, Motorola, BlackBerry, LG, and HTC. By 2017, In-Stat sees the tablet market shipping nearly 250 million units. Among the study’s other interesting findings:

  • In the consumer segment, tablets are competing against all computing devices, not just PCs
  • The 9- to 11-inch form factor is shaking out to be the most dominant tablet form
  • The iOS and Android operating systems will hold a 90% market share, with Windows languishing in third
  • Wireless operator business models may hold the key to future tablet demand

In the end, In-Stat sees the tablet market as a continually evolving, still nascent segment, with continued differentiation and wider market targeting among the strategies employed by tablet manufacturers.


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