Americans and Their Cell Phones

In Pew Research’s latest survey/study, “Americans and Their Cell Phones,” the company seeks to uncover how cell phones, which are used by more than 80% of American adults, impact their owners’ lives. Based on a wide-ranging national telephone survey, Pew found that:

  • users have come to depend on their cell phones for quick information retrieval, as more than half have used their cell phones to get information immediately, while more than a quarter claim to have experienced at least one situation in the past month where not having their cell phone handy caused hardship;
  • cell phones are vitally important in emergency situations–40% of owners have used their phones during such times;
  • frustration with cell phones is also common: slow downloads, small screens, and difficulties with entering text were among the most common complaints.

Meanwhile, more than a third of adult Americans own a smartphone, and the vast majority take advantage these devices’ expanded capabilities, such as accessing social networking sites, sending photos and videos to friends and relatives, and text messaging.

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