In-Stat Releases Two Research Papers

In-Stat published a couple of new pieces of research recently. The first, titled “Wi-Fi Consumer Electronics: Wi-Fi Continues Its Push Into the Digital Home,” forecasts continuing explosive growth in the network-enabled consumer electronics (CE) space, rising from 53 million units sold in 2010 to nearly 300 million by 2015. Powered by everything from Internet-capable digital cameras (for instantly uploading pictures to the Web) to connected TVs to gaming consoles, Wi-Fi attach rates will skyrocket due to rapidly increasing network speeds (82.11ac is expected to run at 1Gbps) and the inherent benefits of wireless stationary devices.


The other study, “Q2’11 US Digital Entertainment Database,” covers the habits of consumers who access digital content via connected devices such as tablets, smartphones, connected TVs, and other content delivery devices. It finds that users are rapidly adopting online television applications integrated in connected TVs, with over 60% surveyed saying they access a TV app at least once a week. Most of these TV app use cases revolve around Netflix and YouTube today, but In-Stat foresees a future in which a crowded field of competitors vie for customers who consider TV apps part of their mainstream television viewing experience.


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