Strategies for Success in the M2M Market

As cellular M2M (machine-to-machine) subscriptions climb to over 478 million in 2017, operators will adopt one of several key strategies to improve their position in the market, a new report recently opined. The report examines the developments in the cellular M2M market, providing in-depth country, regional, and application-level forecasts. Among the strategies operators may adopt:

  • Mobile operators will simply sell airtime wholesale to MVNOs and resellers and have little or no additional involvement.
  • Operators will create their own M2M platform, providing not only the network access, but also important connectivity capabilities.
  • MNOs become the central point of contact. In this case, the MNO can take different steps to enhance its position in the value chain, while still depending heavily on partnerships.
  • A complete end-to-end solution, requiring  strong vertical industry expertise to manage complete projects from sale, consulting, device design and manufacture, application development, integration, and service management.

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